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A utility to generate MD5 or SHA1 hash on files in any folder in a recursive manner. Does support algorithm extensibility. Can generate output in several formats like simple text, csv, xml etc. Also allows comparison between different folders.

The ability compare between two different folders without having direct access to the folders makes this ideal for checking server deployments where the developer do not have access but wants to check if all the files were deployed properly.

1. Recursive hash generation.
2. Additional custom algorithms can be added (although SHA1 and MD5 are adequate)
3. Can generate output results in text, csv or xml format.
4. Additional custom output formats can be used
5. Can compare between two such outputs.

Sample Usage Scenario:
1. Compare the IIS folders between two web servers in a web farm.
2. Compare the program folders between the development environment to production enviroment
3. Generate hash for now, so that later on you can see which files were changed

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